Do you know who you are hiring? Is your client telling you everything about their personal history? Coast to Coast Investigations can find out. As licensed private investigators, we have access to data from comprehensive information sources. Our training and experience have taught us where to look for the most accurate information, using the quickest and most efficient methods. Simply put: if you have a question, we can find the answer.

Get A Complete Background Check

Simple internet-based searches often produce information from data brokers that are either outdated or not verifiable. And that’s why Coast to Coast Investigations digs deeper.

When you commission a background investigation from our team, we delve into public records and proprietary information to obtain critical information that other searches may miss. And because we are constantly updating our resource library, you’ll receive the most updated data available anywhere. Coast to Coast Investigations is the only investigative service you’ll need.

Reach out to our experts for your:

  • Basic background investigations

  • Complete background investigations

  • Location verification

  • Pre-employment checks

  • Recorded statements

We would love to discuss your attorney based private investigation needs! Our Virginia Beach, VA based customers can contact us at 757-463-8088 or if you’re in Falls Church, VA you can reach us at 703-495-4912. Or you can always send us an email.